Aliases Princess Peach
Franchise of Origin Mario Brothers
Gender Female
Alliances Mushroom Kingdom
  • Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • First Appearance Part 1
    Last Appearance Part 8
  • Alena Koch (American Actor)
  • Unknown Spanish Actor
  • Status Alive

    Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the deuteragonist of Mario Warfare. She is the Mario Warfare incarnation of Princess Peach.


    Peach is still within her castle on Invasion Day, as well as her father. While they are kept safe by her bodyguard Toad, they learn from a Royal Guard that Bowser's troop have completely surrounded the castle. Toad tells him that there is another escape route, but only Peach is small enough to fit through it. Peach is immediately reluctant to leave her father, but the King insists. He gives her a family heirloom before she leaves with Toad to the exit. Donning a uniform from a dead Shy Guy, Peach makes it to the exit. Before she leaves, she asks Toad what will happen to him. He promises he'll find her if he survives, and warns her to hide her identity. She agrees and escapes.




    Weapons & EquipmentEdit

    During the war she waged against the Koopa Empire, Peach was armed with the proper tools and equipment to get her through the destructive conflict.

    • Dual Heckler & Koch USP MATCH Pistols: After leaving Smash Club with her army, Peach was armed with two Heckler & Koch USP MATCH pistols which she used against several Shy Guys.