Part 8 is the season finale of Mario Warfare. It is unknown if there will be a second season. But Micah informs us that he is glad he finished Mario Warfare, with us coming to a conlusion that the series is over.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Wario punching Peach. Peach tries to fight back but Wario is too strong. Later, we find Toad stepping in to protect Peach. With confusion filling her brain, she spoke."Toad?" Toad informs her that he used a one up mushroom before being blown up by the Ba-Bombs. Toad tells Peach to leave and kills Wario.

The scene shifts to Mario clenching his shoulder. He's been shot by the evil scientist. As the professer tries to finish him off, Peach throws a brick at the professer. The professer's last words were,"Hail Bowser!" before being killed.