Part 2
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Episode 2
Air date December 31, 2012
Written by Micah Moore

Christopher G Moore

Directed by Micah Moore
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Part 2 is the second episode of Mario Warfare. It was released on December 31, 2012.


Mario and Luigi have now joined the army. They are informed by the Sarge that at 0500 hours Bowser's forces dropped two atomic Bob-Ombs on Yoshi's Island and Emperor Yoshi has surrendered unconditionally. The brothers are assigned a special mission: plunging toilets in the Royal Palace. Only Mario is really happy about this, Luigi being anxious to kill Koopas. Coincedentally, they are in the Palace on Invasion Day.

A Shy Guy throws a flash grenade in the bathroom, and Mario jumps on it to protect Luigi. The explosion renders Mario semi-conscious, and the Shy Guys kidnap Luigi. The Shy Guys plan to kill Mario, but Sarge arrives and shoots them. He is also shot twice as a result. Sarge tells Mario in his dying breaths that Luigi is being taken to the Hammer Brothers and that he needs to get out the palace.

Coming to, Mario heads off to the Hammer Base. Luigi is there being used for a propaganda film being made by the Hammer Bros. Luigi annoys them by making it difficult to film, and is hit multiple times. After they are about to kill Luigi for the film, Mario comes in, having gotten through the defenses. After a fight ensues, Mario is able to knock out the Hammer Brothers. Unfortunately, Luigi is still heavily in pain, having been hit multiple times in his "meatballs" during the fight and is in no shape to get out. Mario carries him on his back, and Luigi kills the Shy Guys in their path while they escape. While walking back, they hear a roar, and Luigi mentions that they are in Donkey Kong country.





  • Donkey Kong country is a reference to an SNES game Donkey Kong Country.