Part 1
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Episode 1
Air date December 11, 2012
Written by Micah Moore

Christopher G Moore

Directed by Micah Moore
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Part 1 of Mario Warfare was aired on YouTube on December 11, 2012. This episode follows the events of Invasion Day.


The episode begins on Invasion Day. Bowser's airship fleet begins its invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. Their first point of attack is the Castle, where the King and princess are still inside. After Bowser's forces invade the castle, the royal bodyguard Toad clears out a group of Shy Guys before escorting the royal family to the exit. Unfortunately, a guard informs them that the castle is completely surrounded. Toad informs the King that the only other way out of the castle is a ventilation shaft at the end of the maintenance hall that is too small for a man to fit through. Realizing this means only his daughter can take this route, the King tells her to follow Toad to the exit and gives her a Star necklace that has been in the family for generations. Peach reluctantly goes with Toad, and the King goes with the guard to help defend the castle.

Toad gets a suit from a dead Shy Guy and gives it to Peach to conceal her identity. When they make it to the shaft, an emotional Peach worries about what will happen to Toad. He tells her that he'll find her if he makes it out, and to let no one know who she is. She escapes through the shaft. Immediately after, Toad is confronted by Bullet Bill, a commander of Bowser's troops. A gunfight ensues, and eventually Toad is shot in the chest by Bill after he runs out of ammunition. A dying Toad hands Bill something out of his jacket. Bill looks at it and realizes it is a key. He opens up Toad's jacket to reveal multiple Bob-ombs. Bill lets out a final scream of rage and horror before the Bob-ombs activate and explode.

The whole episode rewinds itself back to a week before Invasion Day. Two plumbers, brothers Mario and Luigi, are listening to a radio report on the war. Mario comments that the war is bad for business. Luigi tells him that they could be out there fighting and should join the army. Mario is against it, saying that he's proud to a plumber. After lashing out for a second, Luigi tells him there is nothing wrong with being a plumber, but this is their chance to be heroes.
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