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This is the unofficial wiki for the live-action reimagining for Super Mario: Mario Warfare, by Beat Down Boogie. We are just starting out, so feel free to add your knowledge.

Mario WarfareEdit

Bowser's airships wreak destruction on the Mushroom Kingdom. The king is missing, presumed dead. The princess is on the run. Two plumbers answer the call of duty and become soldiers. It's up to Mario, Luigi, and a group of old-school video game characters to rise up to the challenge.

Bowser and his army of followers lead an invasion to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. Gaining information that The King is still at the castle, a legion of Shy Guys infiltrate the castle and eliminate the leader of the last nation against Bowser. Toad, a bodyguard and an old friend of the King, escorts him and his daughter, Peach, through the castle to find a way to escape. Notified by a soldier defending the kingdom that Bowser has the castle completely surrounded, Toad reveals that there is one escape route still intact, but no man can fit in the pipe that leaves the kingdom. The King, after a final goodbye to his daughter, and being thanked by Toad who served by his side, takes the soldier's handgun, stating he will fight to the end for the kingdom, and goes to fight the ongoing battle.

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