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Aliases Mario
Franchise of Origin Mario Brothers
Gender Male
Alliances Mushroom Kingdom
  • Plumber (Formerly)
  • Soldier (Currently)
  • First Appearance Part 1
    Last Appearance Part 8
  • Matt Sumner (American Actor)
  • Unknown Spanish Actor
  • Status Alive

    Mario is a former plumber, the older brother of Luigi, and the titular main protagonist of the Mario Warfare series. He is the Mario Warfare incarnation of Super Mario and portrayed by Matt Sumner.


    At some point, he and his brother became plumbers. During the war with Bowser, his business was affected negatively. One week before Invasion Day, Luigi stated that they should join the army and was able to convince an initally reluctant Mario to join with him.

    After joining the army, he and Luigi are assigned a special mission: plunging toilets in the Royal Palace (only Mario is really happy about this). Coincedentally, they were assigned to do this on Invasion Day, and were in the palace at the time of the invasion. The Shy Guys found them in the bathroom and threw a flash bang. Mario took the blow and was half-conscious when they took his brother, and killed the Sarge, but was able to learn where Luigi would be taken: to the Hammer Brothers. Mario was able to sneak into Hammer Base and retreive his wounded brother. After escaping, the two realize they are in Donkey Kong Country. After wandering for a while, the two found the Fight Club. Mario managed to beat nearly every opponent in the Fight Club until Peach arrived and beat him, partly because he was unwilling to fight. Mario prepare to fight Peach but peach was beating him up unaware it was the princees. He joined along with everyone in the club to attack the Koopa Empire.



    Mario is proud of being a plumber, because "someone has to fix these toilets". This is somewhat of an obsession. He is relatively short-tempered to his brother's antics, although he is incredibly protective of him.


    Mario is a skilled plumber. He also has proven to be a skilled martial artist, being able to beat most of the members of the Fight Club, the Hammer Brothers, and numerous Shy Guys. He is relatively inexperienced in comparison to other fighters, but he is able to hold his own in most fights.

    Weapons & EquipmentEdit

    During his battle against the Koopa Empire, Mario is seen using a variety of different weapons and equipment at his disposal.

    • Colt M4A1: His primary weapon of choice during the fight against the Koopa Empire was the use of a customized Colt M4A1 carbine. He ran out of ammunition during the battle.
    • Walther P99: In his effort to save Luigi, Mario obtained a Walther P99 with a barrel mounted rail attachment. The Hammer Brothers knocked it out of his hand with a Sledgehammer and then Luigi held it during their escape.
    • Beretta 92FS: Running out of ammo in his M4A1 carbine, Mario engaged the Shy Guys in hand to hand combat, obtaining a Beretta 92FS from one of them.