Country of Origin United States
Weapon Type General Purpose Machine Gun
Caliber 7.62x51mm NATO
Magazine Capacity 250 Round Box Magazine
Manufacturer Saco Defense
Rate of Fire 500-650 RPM
Alternate Fire Modes Full Automatic
Service Length 1957-Present

The M-60E3 is a general purpose machine gun and variant of the M-60 Series of machine guns. It was developed by Saco Defense in the United States. This variant was introduced as a lightweight and more updated variant to the weapon and possessed a foregrip.

Mario WarfareEdit

In Mario Warfare the M-60E3 was seen in the hands of Bullet Bill as his primary weapon against Rool's Army. He used it during his service to the King who was a prince by that time.

Later on Luigi who was going to use it against the Koopa Empire with the others. This however didn't happen due to the fact that Luigi was incapable of walking and Mario wasn't able to carry him, leaving Luigi at Smash Club headquarters.