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Aliases Luigi
Franchise of Origin Mario Brothers
Gender Male
Alliances Mushroom Kingdom
  • Plumber (Formerly)
  • Soldier (Currently)
  • First Appearance Part 1
    Last Appearance Part 8
  • Jarod Kearney (American Actor)
  • Unknown Spanish Actor
  • Status Alive

    Luigi is Mario's brother, a former plumber, and the tritagonist of the Mario Warfare series. He is the Mario Warfare incarnation of Luigi and is portrayed by Jarod Kearney.


    Luigi and his brother Mario were originally plumbers in the Mushroom Kingdom. One week before Invasion Day, he told Mario that they should join the army. Although Mario is initially reluctant, Luigi tells them this is their chance to be heroes. Mario accepts, and the two join.

    The brothers are assigned to plunge toilets at the Royal Palace on Invasion Day. Luigi is knocked out and taken by Shy Guys to the Hammer Brothers. Luigi annoys them while they try to make a propaganda film with him in it, and is beaten as a result. Mario arrives before they can kill him and knocks out the Hammer Bros. Unfortunately, Luigi is too injured to escape, but Mario carries him with him. Luigi helps by killing Shy Guys while they get out.



    Luigi is somewhat of a megalomaniac. He is far more ambitious than his brother, and appears to be tired of being a plumber. This causes him to be slightly arrogant and selfish, but he still cares for his brother. He has a strong hatred for the Koopa Empire. Luigi is shown to be melodramatic and a bit self-centered, often losing focus on the main goal over trivial things.


    Luigi has not displayed any noticable combat skills, although a large part is this is that he is too injured to engaged in physical combat for most of the series.


    • He's Also A Coward For Whatever Reason In Games