"We know what Bowser does with prisoners. We won't be giving him any. We fight to the end. For the Kingdom."

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Aliases King
Franchise of Origin Mario Brothers
Gender Male
Alliances Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation King of the Mushroom Kingdom
First Appearance Part 1
Last Appearance Part 1
  • David Berberian (American Actor)
  • Rommel Sanchez (Spanish Voice)
  • Status Killed in Action

    The king was the father of Peach and the patriarch of the Mushroom Kingdom.


    The king was born into the Mushroom Kingdom royal family. At some point, he gained the throne. Judging by what is said of him by Toad, he was a good and wise leader. He eventually became the father of a daughter named Peach.

    When Invasion Day came, he was still within his castle. After learning the castle was completely surrounded by Bowser's troops, he asked Toad if there was another exit. Toad responded that there was a ventilation shaft too small for a man to fit through. Knowing that he would unable to exit, he told his daughter to go with Toad to the exit. Although she was reluctant to leave him, the king told her it was part of her duty as princess. Before they seperated, he gave her a Star necklace which was a family heirloom. After she left, the king pulled out a pistol and went to defend the castle, saying he would fight to the end. In a flashback in part 3 we see the king still a prince waging guerilla warfare (no pun intended) against lizard troopers in donkey kong country. He is also responsible for rescuing donkey and Diddy Kong from King K. Rool troops.
    Mushroom Prince

    The younger Mushroom King


    In part 7 Wario reveals that he slowly tortured and killed the king and was wearing his royal cloak as proof, leading us to believe that the king is dead. However, it is possible that Wario was just lying to taunt Peach.



    The king is loyal to his kingdom and appears to treat all his subjects with respect. He selflessly makes sure to do what is best for his kingdom, even giving his life if the situation calls for it.


    The king is a skilled leader and commander. It can be assumed he also has some combat skills.

    Weapons & EquipmentEdit

    Seen throughout the series, the King was seen carrying several different weapons.

    • Thompson M1928: During his time of being a prince, the King carried a Thompson M1928 during his secret battle to fight off Rool's army.
    • SIG Sauer P226: Before his last stand, the king took up the Royal Guard's SIG Sauer P226 pistol and attempted to fight off the Koopa Empire.