Hammer Brothers
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Franchise of Origin Mario Brothers
Gender Male
Alliances Koopa Empire
  • Elite Soldiers
  • Propaganda Makers
  • First Appearance Part 2
    Last Appearance Part 2
  • Ken Krulik
  • Andrew Comstock
  • Juan Jose Chayote (Hammer Brother 1: Spanish Voice)
  • Carlos Pinto (Hammer Brother 2: Spanish Voice)
  • Status Deceased

    The Hammer Brothers are two elite soldiers working for the Koopa Empire. They are the Mario Warfare incarnations of Hammer Bros.


    Either on or shortly after Invasion Day, they begin filming a propaganda film glorifying Bowser and saying resistance was futile. Unfortunately for them, the soldier they kidnapped as a demonstration in the film (Luigi), makes it incredibly difficult. They retaliate by beating him with their sledgehammers. Before they can finish him off, Mario arrives and fights them. The Hammer Brothers are eventually knocked out with their own hammers, and the plumbers escape.




    Weapons & EquipmentEdit

    The Hammer Brothers have earned their reputation and name for the use of the Sledgehammer being their preferred weapon of choice.


    • They both speak with a thick German accent. It is quite possible that this is a reference to the Nazis of early 20th century Germany. This also could explain the propaganda that they utilize as well.