Captain N
[[File:Captain N|250px|]]
Aliases Kevin Keene
Franchise of Origin Nintendo
Gender Male
Alliances N-Team
  • Leader of Smash Club (Formerly)
  • Soldier (Currently)
  • First Appearance Part 4
    Last Appearance Part 8
    Portrayer(s) James Couche
    Status Alive

    Captain N (A.K.A "Kevin Keene") is the leader of Smash Club and a anti-hero in Mario Warfare. He is portrayed by James Couche.


    Kevin Keene was from Northridge, Los Angeles, California until he and his dog Duke were sucked into the digital world known as Videoland. Once there, Keene led the N-Team and was respectively known as "Captain N".

    Mario WarfareEdit

    During the invasion of the Koopa Empire, Captain N and others went into hiding and formed the underground brawler club known as "Smash Club". He and the others later on met, as well as brawled with Mario and Luigi. Eventually, Peach and Donkey Kong arrived where Peach fought and beat Mario. At the same time, they all realized that who Mario was fighting was the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    This later on led them to mobilize and prepare themselves for an all out war with the Koopa Empire in order to retake what they had conquered. Captain N engaged the Shy Guys along with the others and saved Donkey Kong from being killed. At the end of the war, Captain N was awarded a special accommodation by Peach for saving the peoples of the virtual world.


    Personality & TraitsEdit

    Captain N is known to be a cool and collected person who is organized and is loyal to his comrades. He is known to have shown that he repeats himself at one point.


    Being the leader of Smash Club, Captain N is skilled in hand to hand combat against his opponents and other enemies. He's also an expert in the use of various weapons.

    Weapons & EquipmentEdit

    Going into battle, Captain N is armed with the proper equipment to engage the Koopa Empire.

    • Franchi SPAS-12: Captain N's primary weapon of choice is the use of a white Franchi SPAS-12 with an orange pump.
    • Nintendo Zapper: His iconic armament, Captain N is seen utilizing his trusty Nintendo Zapper as his sidearm placed in a holster underneath his jacket.