Bullet Bill
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Basic Information
Other Names Bill
Alliance Koopa Empire
Occupation Commander of Bowser's Troops
Status Deceased
First Appearance Part 1
Last Appearance Part 1
Portrayed by Anthony Robinson
Spanish voice Unknown

Bullet Bill, also referred to as "Bill", was a commander of Bowser's troops and the Mario Warfare incarnation of a Bullet Bill.


Bill leads at least some of Bowser's troops to the Mushroom Kingdom castle on Invasion Day. After the Shy Guys are unable to find the princess, Bill comes down to find her, and settle a score with her bodyguard Toad. Bill eventually finds Toad, but is too late to capture the princess. He and Toad engage in a heated gunfight, and after Toad runs out of ammo, Bill shoots him in the chest.

Bill confronts the dying Toad, who hands him something. Bill looks at it and realizes it is a key. Realizing what is happening, Bill opens up Toad's jacket to find multiple activated Bob-Ombs. Bill lets out one final scream of horror before the Bob-Ombs detonate, killing him
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Bill lets out one final scream

and destroying part of the castle.

It is revealed later through a flashback by Donkey Kong that Bill, at one point, served the Mushroom Kingdom, working as the younger King's bodyguard alongside Toad. It is unknown when or why he betrayed the Kingdom.



Although loyal to Bowser, Bill has other motives than loyalty behind his actions on Invasion Day, as he cares more about getting rid of Toad rather than find Peach. His rivalry with Toad is from a desire to be the fastest gun in the Mushroom Kingdom.


A reference to the Bullet Bill he is based off of, Bill is a skilled gunsman, being equally matched with Toad in Gun Kata. Judging by his position, it can be assumed he is also a skilled military commander.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

Bullet Bill is shown to have the usage of weapons and equipment on his missions.

  • M-60E3: When serving the Mushroom Kingdom, Bill carried an M-60E3.
  • IMI Desert Eagle: While serving Bowser, Bill carried an IMI Desert Eagle as his primary weapon.