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Aliases Lord Bowser
Franchise of Origin Mario Brothers
Gender Male
Alliances Koopa Empire
Occupation Leader of the Koopa Empire
First Appearance Part 1
Last Appearance Part 8
  • Rick Burnett (American Actor)
  • Unknown Spanish Voice
  • Status Deceased (Human) Alive (Turtle)

    Bowser is the leader of the Koopa Empire and the main antagonist of Mario Warfare. He is originally believed to be the Mario Warfare incarnation of Bowser and is portrayed by Rick Burnett. It is later revealed in Part 8 that his pet turtle is the Bowser in the games, the turtle was injected with the Red Mushroom Serum that made it huge, as portrayed in the game.


    Bowser is the dictator of the Koopa Empire. It is unknown how he obtained this role. At some point, he began the invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. He attacked the castle with his airship fleets on Invasion Day. He was unable to capture the princess. Sometime before or after Invasion Day he hired Walugi and Wario to work for him as either bodyguards or mercenaries. It's later revealed Wario had killed the King after his subsequent capture during Invasion Day. In the last episode, Luigi kills him using a "mech.", however, befor his demise, he tosses his turtle into the warp pipe, saying "You have to go without me, lord Bowser"



    Due to his brief appearance, not much of Bowser's personality is known. It can be safely assumed that he is power-hungry, brutal.



    • In his first appearance, he is stroking a turtle. This turtle will later become the Bowser in the games in the 8th Part, for he is injected with the Red Mushroom Serum.